Travel Trailer Renovation

Our Favorite Travel Trailer

The second time around, we chose something much smaller. The outside length was 27′ (including the trailer hitch), which means the interior “cabin” portion is a mere 24′ long. Over the course of about 3 months we renovated the interior to make it beautiful, functional, and perfect for full-time living. This included:

  • Painting all of the walls and trim
  • Replacing the kitchen sink with a 9″ deep, stainless sink
  • Replacing the countertops throughout with hickory countertops
  • Installing whole-house water filtration and water softener systems to handle even the worst hard water
  • Replacing the bulky microwave cabinet with more open shelving
  • Removing the propane stovetop/oven to create much more storage space, utilizing an induction cooktop instead
  • Building a custom couch with additional storage, allowing for a pull-out garbage/recycling unit and extra counters
  • Updating the kitchen and bathroom faucets with high-end residential units
  • Updating and increasing the bathroom storage spaces to make them more beautiful and functional
  • Replaced the AC unit from a 13500 BTU unit to a 15000BTU unit, keeping us much cooler
  • Installed JT Strongarm stabilizing bars around the base to practically eliminate all movement inside the rig
  • And more!

Below are some of our favorite before and after comparisons.

Main Room


Original kitchen with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.


Kitchen with white trim and light gray walls.

We loved having the kitchen along the back end of this RV’s floorplan!

To make the space more full-time livable for us, we painted the trim and the walls to lighten up the space. We replaced the nearly unusable sink and faucet with high-end residential models, and hand-built hardwood countertops. We removed the microwave and stove/oven to more than double our countertop space, and used an induction cooktop and a Ninja Foodi airfryer/oven/grill in their place. We added snap-close panels over the spice rack and oven storage cabinet for ease on moving days.

BONUS: What you can’t see in this photo is the whole house water-filtration and softener system we installed under the sink, at the water entry point, to handle even the worst hard water supplies we encountered in some of the places we visited.

Original kitchen table with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.
Kitchen table with two seats in a freshly painted room.

One of the first things we decided when we bought this tiny home, was that the dinette seating would NOT work for us. We love +1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and complex nerdy board games. So we pulled out the entire system, building a bench seat along the wall (which holds the furnace, water pump, and some added storage in the center). Then we added a bench seat for across the table, allowing 6 people to sit around this table for games and meals. The mobile bench seat has storage bins beneath it as well!

On the wall, we removed the mostly unusable TV that came with the rig and installed a swing-arm mount to the wall (with in-wall reinforcements to hold it solid), and mounted an LCD computer monitor. This way the monitor can swing out from the wall and face either direction, allowing for a home-office space while seated at the table, or a small movie theater (just connect your computer to the sound system and the monitor and you’ve got a great movie setup). There are even laptop floush-mounts on the wall for convenient storage and a 4-socket USB outlet that runs on the 12-volt system – power for devices even when the RV isn’t plugged in. 

Original peeling love seat with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.
Couch and bookshelf with bright white trim and light gray walls.

The jack-knife sofa fabric was disintegrating and the storage space underneath was almost impossible to use. So we pulled that out and built a cozy little window seat that is PERFECT for enjoying your morning coffee with a good book. We also removed the tiny “hutch” that was in the hallway, replacing it with a full-size bookshelf, adding a series of drawers to the middle of the shelf for extra organized storage space. There is ample storage beneath the window seat,  as well as in the small cubby space alongside it too! 

Next to the fridge we put in a sliding cabinet to hold our trash and recycling bins, keeping them from taking up precious floor space. And as an added bonus, we replaced the black plastic fridge panels with whiteboard panels, so now you can leave notes or jot down grocery lists and reminders there.


Original couch in the living room with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.
Two desks in a room with white trim and light gray walls.
Original couch in the living room with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.
Original couch in the living room with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.

The bathroom got a complete makeover too. We installed the same hickory hardwood countertop, and installed a residential raised sink and faucet. This opened up so much storage space under the sink. We also replaced the medicine cabinet with some lovely shelves alongside the sink. We included some extra shelves and baskets along the wall near the toilet as well.

Even the shower got an upgraded low-flow but high-pressure shower head that is mounted on a fully-adjustable slide-arm, making it much easier for people of all heights to get a reasonable shower in.


Original bedroom with dark wood trim and dirty gray walls.
Bed in a room with white trim and light gray walls.

The bedroom needing brightening up too, so it got the full works of whites and neutral grays on all surfaces. We removed the tiny overhead shelf that wasn’t big enough to properly hold any items (not to mention the idea of a book falling on my face while I slept seemed a bad idea). The worst part was, if we tried to sit up in bed to watch a movie, we’d hit our heads on the shelf. Ouch! We replaced the shelf with a set of USB ports, cell phone holders, and stainless reading lights on both sides of the bed. The USB ports also run on the 12 volt system, for powered devices even when the RV isn’t plugged in!

What you can’t see in these photos is that we installed installed several shelves in both bedside closets to allow for MUCH more usable storage space. 

Original bedroom cabinetry which is heavy and dark in color.
The bedroom storage is significantly brighter with light colored paint and a new storage unit.

We also decided that we wanted the bedroom to be a space to wind-down, so we replaced the tiny TV (which had HORRIBLE speakers) with a larger, smart TV, so we could watch all our favorite Netflix and Prime shows. We were able to easily mount a few of our favorite video game systems on the wall below the TV with no issue.

You’ll notice that throughout the house, the three inside doors (between the bedroom and bathroom) were all removed, as they were incredibly cumbersome and blocked the much needed airflow and light throughout the living space. In their place, we installed neutral, light-blocking curtains with magnets to hold them shut when you need privacy in the loo.